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The Bolder Banking Podcast: Episode 8

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First Southwest Bank • June 28, 2022

Kent Curtis, President & CEO, First Southwest Bank (FSWB), and Board President, First Southwest Community Fund (FSWCF), and Sherry Waner, Chief Development Officer, FSWB and FSWCF, introduce the concept of Community Development Financial Institution banks in the latest episode of the Boulder Banking podcast, produced by the Graduate School of Banking Colorado (GSBC).

In this episode the two discuss how FSWB leverages its nonprofit partner, FSWCF, and a new technology, Hello Bello, to work with Colorado’s markets left out of the traditional banking model.

Providing much needed access to capital for rural small businesses, startups and nonprofits allows them to launch and thrive, create and retain jobs with living wages, build wealth, and foster positive social and economic impacts in their communities.

Listen here: 


Kent has worked in community banking in Western Colorado for 40 years.
Sherry is a 2014 graduate of GSBC and has worked in banking for 30 years. 

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