A Commitment to Sustainable Renewable Energy

First Southwest Bank • September 5, 2019

First Southwest Bank is excited to be leading the banking industry with a multitude of sustainable, energy efficiency measures including: an electric vehicle charging station at our downtown Alamosa location, a promotional loan program for electric vehicle financing, and an on-bill financing program for energy efficiency measures.

“The LPEA on-bill financing and the Alamosa charging stations both fill gaps that we saw in our communities, says Kent Curtis, First Southwest Bank’s CEO. “We believe many of our Durango customers will be able to use the Alamosa charging station for trips to Denver and throughout the state.”

Workplace Charging Station in Downtown Alamosa, CO

Early this year, First Southwest Bank applied and received the Charge Ahead Colorado Grant to open an electric vehicle charging station, which is also the first workplace charging station in downtown Alamosa. This landmark station will help connect routes through the San Luis Valley and greater Colorado. Historically, the journey through the area has been nick-named the “Valley of Death” by electric motorists because of the sparsity of chargers across the 74-mile valley. By installing an electric vehicle charging station in a convenient downtown Alamosa location, First Southwest Bank hopes to promote the installation of electric vehicle charging stations throughout Colorado.


Electric Vehicle Loan Program

To highlight the completion of the charging station, First Southwest Bank is offering a  ‘promotional fixed rate’ for the purchase of an electric vehicle financed through First Southwest Bank through 10/31. Talk to one of your local First Southwest Bank bankers to learn more.

On-Bill Financing For Energy Efficiency Measures With La Plata Electric Association

First Southwest Bank has partnered with LPEA for a few years, providing on-bill financing for energy efficient measures, such as weather-stripping, storm windows, insulation and other energy reduction initiatives. We are proud to now offer the ability to finance electric vehicle chargers. Customers are given the opportunity to apply for a low-interest loan for these projects, and they repay that loan monthly over time on their LPEA electric bill. This creative financing option allows for lower utility bills, helping to save both energy and money.