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Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program

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Financing for your new or expanding farm, ranch, or agriculturally-supportive business.

We've been a big part of helping Agricultural Businesses grow in the San Luis Valley for decades and have expanded that expertise to all of the markets we serve across Southern Colorado.

As a result of our history and expertise, in 2022, the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) selected First Southwest Bank to serve as financial partner and lender for the new $30 million Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program that makes low cost, fixed-rate loans available to young, start-up and established farmers and ranchers. FSWB's affiliated nonprofit, First Southwest Community Fund, is also partnering in deploying this funding.

The Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program is a financially-inclusive lending program that offers financing to beginning farmers and ranchers, and agriculturally-supportive businesses that transform, package, process, store, or grade Colorado farm or ranch products.

We’re providing financing opportunities for farm infrastructure and operations where conventional lenders won’t. By providing loans to those who might not otherwise qualify for traditional lending opportunities, we are seeking to strengthen Colorado agriculture, expand diversity within farming, and increase participation from next-generation farmers.

We award loans to qualified applicants with the knowledge and drive to contribute to a secure farming future in Colorado. Not sure if you qualify? Please visit our FAQ page for a list of requirements or reach out to one of our team members.

Loan funds can be used for most business purposes, including, but not limited to: operating expenses, the purchase of land and equipment, business improvements, worker wages, and conservation projects.

Loan Details:

  • 4% fixed interest rate (Annual Percentage Rate 4.17%)
  • Term notes of 1-20 years
  • 1.5% loan fee
  • Revolving lines of credit up to 5 years
  • Up to $750,000, with more possible for significant capital purchases

The Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program was created with real people and real businesses in mind.

Click here for some examples of business use cases that fit the program’s requirements. Check out our FAQ page or contact us directly for more details.

Let us help you grow your business. To apply for a Colorado Agricultural Future Loan, click here.



Still have questions? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Please email or call Katy Dickey directly at 719.587.4218.
Spanish speakers, please email or call Denise Martinez at 719.245.1781.

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The Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program is funded by the Colorado state legislature. The program was created with the goal of expanding diversity within farming, increasing participation from next-generation farmers, and strengthening Colorado agriculture.

They are awarding loans to qualified applicants within the entire farm-to-market infrastructure to stimulate agriculture across the state of Colorado. In addition to farms and ranches, the program provides loans to agriculturally-supportive businesses that provide economic benefit to Colorado farmers and ranchers.

As loans are repaid, the funds will be redistributed to additional qualified applicants. This revolving format ensures the funding is always helping Colorado residents and our economy by generating jobs and increasing access to Colorado agricultural products.

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